Best Graphic and Printing Services in Boston

What do you look for in a print solutions provider?

There are many online and offline print companies around Boston and you may be wondering which one to
choose. Sometimes you may be looking at the attractive price they offer or sometimes may be for their
reputation for quality because you have dealt with them before or others you have liked their friendly service
and on time delivery, so you are willing to pay the extra buck for it.

What if a company is offering highly competitive price in the market place while providing superior quality
and service? And offers 100% satisfaction guarantee, would you turn it down? What if the company is also
offering $100 gift card for an order more than $1000 with 10% savings! Would you still turn it down?

Paradigm Graphics is committed to offer all the above and plus more…

– Best Quality
– Best Price
– Personalized Service
– 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
– Free proof for approval
– Free Design consultation
– Fixed price on the project

Now, you may be wondering it is too good to be true. Yes, it is. We are able to do it because we are passionate to
be a trendsetter in the market with our unique expertise.

Here is a testimonial from one of our clients:

We have produced multinational high quality booklet printing projects by meeting project deadlines, with
excellent quality while saving 30% on the projects.

I’m pretty picky about printers. In this business, with things as fast paced as they are, you usually only get to
choose one: price, speed, or personalized attention to your project. With Paradigm, I get all three: the best price,
the best quality, and tons of professional attention to my job. I recommend Paradigm to everyone I know who
needs cost-effective, reliable printing. They get the job done fast and they get it done right.

—Pepper Fee,
Pepper Fee Graphic Design, Chelsea, Mass.

Paradigm Graphics is a Graphics Design & printing company in Burlington, MA and looking forward to serving your
printing needs of business card printing, stationery printing, booklet printing, banner printing, offset printing,
invitation printing and much more…
Contact us:
Tel. 617.933.9893, email:, website:

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