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Video Marketing – The New Hero In Marketing

Beth Comstock quoted- “You Can’t Sell Anything, If You Can’t Tell Anything.” And what could be the best way to tell other than “videos.”

As of 2018, 51% of marketing professionals use video marketing to reach their target audiences. And it is strongly predicted that in 2020 and after, over 80% users will get engaged with video contents rather than written or image contents.

At Paradigm Graphics we understand the trend and put our heart and soul to create the best video contents for our clients. Our 25 years of experience has made us experts in understanding the client’s as well as their customer’s perception, thus making us one of the best video makers in the town.

For the past 3 years, we have come across the increasing demand of video marketing and the reason is quite obvious.

Video Marketing has many perks, therefore is chosen as a Key Performance Indicator by the marketers. Here are a few reasons why we think video marketing techniques will ace the marketing world.

● Videos Improve Conversion Rate:- Attaching videos to the landing page can bring in serious fortune- often firms who have videos on their landing pages get more attention than others. Videos tend to lead to direct sales. When a user/customer watches an explanatory video he often ends up buying the product. Which means that the video on the landing page has to be very unique and detailed so that it catches the attention of the viewers in less than a minute. So it is a very crucial job of the video maker to make the best video for the firm.

● Return On Investments like never before:- It is found that more 80% of firms have acknowledged that videos regarding their products/services have given them better Roi than any other channel of communication. Although producing the video might be a little pricey but it gives a long term benefit to the firm. Once a good investment always gives the best outcomes.

● Ascending Social Presence:- These days we find many people in social media who are tuned as influencers. Such influencers usually make videos to address the viewers. Many brands have taken advantage of this and have started creating their own kind of influence via video content to increase their loyal customer base. Such influential videos or ads films have helped the firms to increase their sales tremendously.

● Visual Content Build Up More Trust:- When we say we need better conversions and leads we need to fetch the attention of our customers not for a few moments but for a very long time. This impact can be created only when a good pillar of trust is built. Video content helps the customers believe in the marketer. A good video can make the viewer very emotional or can make him laugh out loud. In a video the firms can show the usage of their products or the promotional activities, this creates excitement and believe in the customers brains towards the brand.

● For Busy and Lazy Customers:- Customer is God, no matter what kind of customer he might be but a brand has to create buzz in his mind to increase sales or conversions. There are few customers who do not like reading the description or the recommendations or any kind of text in the product. For such customers video contents are the best. Well it is popularly known that the human brain adapts more information when it is a visual or moving object. So even when the customers are really busy or lazy the video leaves a stamp on their brains.

If you are looking forward to creating finest videos contents for your products or services so as to drive in more customers, Paradigm Graphics is always at your service. We believe that NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, YOUR JOB IS TO TELL YOUR STORY; and our job is to provide the best video marketing services. So what are you waiting for? – partner with us to avail the best services in town.

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