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Use Print Media For Sharing About COVID-19 Virus


In this busy day and age who imagined that a virus will cripple the world to stand still to fear. Before the COVID-19, the last pandemic outbreak was in the year 2012, and after 8 years on 31st December 2019.

Coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China and is now contagiously spreading to most of the Asian countries as well as Italy, France, Germany, the US, Brazil, and many others.

Over 203,500 cases throughout the globe have been reported as of today, March 18, 2020. The cost of ignoring such a situation is none other than our lives and our loved ones.

Every person on this earth has to be alert and take necessary precautions about the virus outbreak.

To spread the precautionary message the firms or individuals can take help of the print ads and pass it over to their clients, staff and near & dear ones.

The Print ads can be molded in the form of a poster, flyer or banner, etc. Such modes are easy to print, pocket-friendly and can be passed on to others in a faster & efficient way.

The content on the print ads should not entertain any unverified facts that might create panic in the minds of the people. It can rather include an informative aspect like the precaution measures, symptoms and also emergency contact numbers.

The creatives should not be overcrowded with too much text. Some illustrations about safety measures would be more engaging.

Companies can display posters about coronavirus in their conference rooms, waiting-halls, cafeteria, washrooms, and in every possible space to constantly remind their employees about the pandemic. Not only as an employer/employee but as their social responsibility.

Companies can also make use of the prints to spread the message in the locality or surrounding towns, where the office i is located

Departmental stores, supermarkets, malls, etc. can also share the information through flyers addressing the scenario, to their clients or buyers, along with the product purchased.

Printing about the Virus outbreak might not be a part of a company’s service but it a civic responsibility of everyone to share the important message. By doing this a company won’t just be helping others but will be helping themselves in the long term.

At Paradigm Graphics we believe that precaution is better than a cure. We couldn’t change the past but we can definitely save the future. So before its too late we would be part of the team that will help you spread the message about the pandemic outbreak and protecting our loved ones.

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