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The Top Secret Way to Generate More Leads In 2020!

You have to keep this between us.

I’m going to share the top-secret tip to generate more leads for your business in 2020.

No! It’s not about using Instagram influencers, or about Tik Tok, and it’s definitely not some magical hack that can solve all your worries in a second.

It’s none of that, no! It’s not shiny or new. It is Email Marketing.

Yup, you read that right. It’s all about the importance of using email for marketing.

If your mind went – Oh, no! But, email is dead. There is nothing that is further from the truth.

2.9 billion people. 2.9 billion people use email every single day and this number is only increasing.

I agree we’re sometimes biased by our own experiences and remember the million times we’ve marked a mail as spam or simply trashed it out of sheer annoyance. But, do you remember the times where you were eagerly waiting for your favorite brand’s newsletter? Or used a couple of awesome coupons to get an off on your favorite brand? Well, that is the power of good email marketing. When done well, it can elevate the status of a mediocre brand to the status of an awesome brand.

Why is Email Marketing important in 2020?

If the number of people using Email every day isn’t enough of a motivator for you, here are some other reasons why email marketing is awesome.

  • Email generates high ROI

Email Marketing is an extremely useful strategy and generates a return on investment of 3800%! Or email is said to generate a revenue of $38 for every $1 spent.  So, it is literally one of the most cost-effective marketing tools out there.

  • Email helps you create personalized experiences

Customization and personalization are key when it comes to selling more. What works for one client, may not work with another. Email marketing gives you the ability to play around with strategy, content, and design to appeal to different types of customers. This is a sure-shot way to increase brand awareness, acquire a new lead, and even gain new customers.

  • You can easily monitor, track and measure progress on your efforts

Email marketing is still one of the top ways to check for campaign effectiveness because of how easily you can measure the data. Email marketing data is easily accessible and there are many email marketing tools available at our disposal to check the status of emails. You can check various factors such as the unsubscribe rate, the click-through-rate, and the bounce rate and constantly change your strategy to see what works and what doesn’t.

  • You can create a fluid and streamlined buyer journey

Email gives you the power to chart out a buyer’s journey from the awareness phase to the point where they actually convert. You can use a string of emails in each stage to help convince them to buy a product.

  • The power of automation can help your Email Marketing efforts

A lot of what we do on social media cannot be automated, but email marketing can be automated easily. You can create a personalized email for every stage of a customer’s journey with your brand and follow up with them to see why they didn’t proceed to make a purchase. For example, if they browsed through your page and downloaded some free material, but didn’t buy the paid product, you can follow up with an email about their experience with your free downloadable and pitch to sell your paid service to them.

  • Everybody uses email

A lot of people remain skeptical about using social media, especially at work. But, people use email even when at work. This gives you a unique opportunity to connect with them easily and at all times.

Email Marketing remains one of the top ways to sell even in 2020 and it’s very important for a brand to leverage the power of email in their marketing efforts. If you don’t know where to get started in your email marketing journey and need help with setting up an awesome campaign, contact the Paradigm Graphics team, and we would love to help you out.

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