Questions to ask your printing company in Boston?

Being up to date on printing technology trends, being able to supply to assist the printing projects, and running a company that is affordable are all necessary requirements you must look for while selecting a printing organization.

The printing company that you select must provide the best quality and service for all your printing needs, whether it is a document, order form, brochures, postcard, banners, books, or letterheads.

Small printing companies usually offer one or extra services consisting of photocopying, offset printing, display screen printing, or virtual printing, imparting various product strains including different banners, signage, posters, folders, business cards, vinyl signs, yard signs, posters, and other offline promotional and marketing items.

A printing organization can be judged by the quality of the products, on time delivery, customer service and affordable. So, you need to make sure that the printing organization you select provides reliable quality that meets your expectations. Besides, the organization that you select should have more than printing experience as printing is science, art, and technology.

Here are three essential questions to ask your printing company so you could make the right decision:

● Do you provide design services?

Some printing agencies have graphic design professionals that can create customized brochures, logos, postcards, banners, signs for your brand. Whereas others will provide a few samples, and a few online agencies would invite ideas from you. Check out the layout and the impressive designs that the printing company can offer you.

● Do you provide a guarantee, refund, or replacement?

Guarantee is vital. Of course, we need the final prints to be perfect, however sometimes, the color shift, trimming mistakes or printing delays. Some printing companies provide a money-back or refund guarantee or reprint at no cost to value you as a customer. Others will correct the mistakes and reprint the project at no price to you.

● Do you use the latest technology?

Printing organizations that make investments and use innovative technology for printing products should be preferred for long-term benefits. Such organizations are helpful in the long run as they will make their services effective and products better.

● How will you help me save the cost?

This is one question that can help you to understand that the printing company is not only interested in making money, but also wants to deliver quality products at affordable prices. The printing company can save the cost by providing free deliveries or shipment. 

● When can you deliver the printed material?

Every customer wants his or her product to be delivered at the earliest. Some printing companies’ turnaround requirements are within 2-3 business days. A handful of printing companies can do the same day or last-minute job of printing. Insist on the company that not only provides fast turnaround times with high quality product and service.


Quality is something that must in no way be sacrificed for printing. Every company that is looking for a printing services partner must invest to learn about them before working with them. You can check the past printed projects, client references, and reviews and ratings from clients. Do not compare the price of some other company to make your decision because printing has so many variables. You can make sure to check the years of experience the team has to execute your projects flawlessly. Paradigm Graphics provides quality printing services, affordable prices and fast turnaround times with an excellent customer service. This is rarely possible in the industry.

Paradigm Graphics are experts in printing such as business cards, folders, vinyl signs, banners, feather banners, yard signs, brochures, flyers, restaurant menus, posters, and much more. They also deliver the final printed products free of cost within 10 miles around Boston.

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