Print Media For Election Campaign 2020


The key factor to keep in mind during elections is – Good Communication. If a party manages to spread awareness about its strategies and plans, using a good tone or multi-channels to reach out to the public the probability of getting considered becomes quite high. In other words, a smart election campaign can help the party win the people’s hearts.

Running a smart election campaign simply means diversified communication channels. When a party broadens its horizons to connect to the public, it will definitely get noticeable support. The party can promote using both Digital & traditional channels of print – newspapers, TV. 

Digital channels are quite popular, convenient and far more cost-effective, but when it comes to reaching all the demographic sets digital promotions might not be a good option. Because firstly not everyone is acquainted with it and secondly, the information flashes away within a fraction of seconds because of digital content overload coming from all channels. However, when information is passed to the general public in the form of printed media like- posters, postcards, signs, Billboards, banners, stickers, etc, they are more likely to go through the information and sink into people’s brains and hearts. This even helps the audience to remember the candidate/the party and what they stand for.

Types Of Print Media That Can Be Used During Elections

A party can optimally make use of the print media when it has a clear motive and message to address his audience. 

A few types of print mediums include:

  • Election Posters – Promotions with better design and print quality can be done using the posters, postcards, DirectMail, EDDM, signs, banners, etc. A poster can have the parties logo, slogan or the most preferred one is having the candidates picture in it. Distributing these posters all over the locality or the area where the party wants to reach can create quite an impact on the public. In short, posters are a one-time investment but indeed a smart investment for a long time people to see, touch and feel.
  • Flyers & Postcards – The posters can be the party’s face but when it comes to conveying the message of the candidate or the party to the public through flyers, leaflets and postcards play a major role. As the size of these forms is quite compact it becomes easier to distribute. 
  • Banners – The most noticeable form of print media during elections are banners. These are used during rallies and heavy promotions of the parties especially when the dates of the elections are nearer. The banners can be a roller banner or a straight banner. It gets higher visibility because of its huge size and the representation of the content in it. 

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