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How to save on a print project?

1. Find a print solutions company which focuses on efficiency and does in-house or have right partnerships

2. Paper is almost 30% of the print project, so check with printer the available in-house papers so it is quick and cheap, especially for small quantity projects. If the printer has to order the special paper, the price would become higher since they have to get the special order just for that project

3. If the project without bleeds is cheaper because we you can use exact sheet size. For example – trim size 8.5×11” and you have 4 pages, you can use 11×17” paper to impose all 4 pages on one time. If you have bleeds, then allow .125” all sizes, which means cutting all three sides and you have to use 12×18”

4. If you are printing black and white on white paper, try using colored paper so that it looks attractive than black and white and it is same or less costly

5. Work with a printer if they have any pre-existing “die” foil stamping, embossing, die-cut so that it becomes cheaper

Paradigm Graphics is a Graphics Design & printing company in Burlington, MA and looking forward to serving your
printing needs of business card printing, stationery printing, booklet printing, banner printing, offset printing,
invitation printing and much more…

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