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Go Digital or Perish

I know! The title of this blog is pretty harsh. Scary, even.

But, the truth of the matter is that a brand’s identity and credibility lie rooted in its digital presence.

The world has changed rapidly and embraced the smartphone, this means that businesses need to find ways to reach these devices to stay relevant.

But, constantly buzzing phones, inboxes that are filled to the brim, and ever-changing social media trends make it hard to survive online.

This is the reason brands need a strategy, a game plan, and a razor-sharp focus to succeed online. The first puzzle piece when it comes to online identity is a website. A well-designed website can open a whole new world of opportunities and help you sell more.

We at Paradigm Graphics help busy business owners with website design, graphic design, email marketing, SEO, and social media marketing to help them succeed.

Here are 5 ways in which we help you build an extraordinary website –

  1. We optimize the website as per the 5-second rule Let’s face it. People have short attention spans and it is important to captivate them the second they decide to give us time. This is why we use smart strategies to help retain your customers and push them to click a call to action button in the shortest amount of time.
  2. We use readable text A lot of great content is left unread because it is not easy to comprehend. Using text that is spaced well, and written in simple language gets the attention of the audience. This is why we use great content in tandem with good design knowledge to make it easy for your clients to stay on your page longer.
  3. We create mobile-optimized sites that are easily maneuverable It is utterly painful when a website does not translate well across all devices and is difficult to navigate through. People’s low attention spans coupled with their frustration may prompt them to leave your page. This is why we create pages that are designed to be responsive across a range of devices and are extremely user-friendly and attractive.
  4. We use well-crafted content and creatives Content and creatives are almost the only things that are unique to a brand. Drafting content that has the power to sell is of utmost importance while running a successful business online. We work with the sharpest minds in the world to help your brand’s message become clear and concise through great layouts and content.
  5. We intrigue, then invoke action! Call to action buttons are your biggest assets as a business owner. The ability to smartly place these buttons in strategic points across your website can act as major lead magnets. We have the expertise to determine ways to convert more leads and ensure you sell more through influential content and effective design strategies. What are you waiting for? We help your business thrive, survive, and grow in this digital era.


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