7 Simple Ways to Cut Your Print Project Cost

by | Sep 6, 2017 | blog | 0 comments

Project planning is key for successful completion of any project within the budget. Often clients call the printer for an estimate on a project without having any details of the project. It is like going to a building contractor without providing the details of the project. As Steven Covey’s habit #2 – Begin with the end in mind, fits very well with planning any print project.

1. Ask yourself, what the end project look like? Trifold brochure, annual report, double sided postcard, newsletter, magazine or yearbook.

2. What is the size of the project? – Dimensions change the price significantly. Portrait or landscape book would also make a big difference in price. For example 11×8.5” oblong shape book would be more expensive than 8.5×11” portrait book.

3. Quantity is another important factor – if you need 100 to 2000 copies, it is better to produce on the digital printing machine than printing on offset printing. If the quantity is 10,000 then it is worth printing in offset printing, so the project cost would be cheaper.

4. Do you want to print in color or black and white? Black and white costs significantly less than 4 color.

5.What type of paper is required? High-Quality Heavy Weight paper actually ADDs a perception of business quality to more than 93% of the people that touch it. Inversely, the low-quality paper has the similar perception. Low-quality business.

6. Finishing– Consider whether the project needs saddle stitch, perfect binding or wiro-binding. If you want to lower your project cost of book, which has less than 60 pages by using saddle stitch.

7. Trim Requirement: If you want to lower the cost, plan to design the project without running off to the page by leaving margins (printers call having no borders a bleed), otherwise it requires bigger sheet size to print or trimming 3 sides for books or all sides for postcards.