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Best Method Of Printing Process For Your Project

Can you imagine a life without letters, images, symbols? We need some or other printed data to fetch information about anything & everything. Printing serves our needs by providing​ ​large amounts of information rapidly and in huge numbers which we can see, read and also share with others.

The printing process took birth in 1450 when ​Johannes Gutenberg introduced the first movable type printing system in Europe. Since then many methods have come up to ease the tasks of the businesses and common people. Today, with the advancement of technology printing processes have become quite swifter and smoother.

Currently, there is a wide range of choices we can choose for our projects.
Some of the most used methods of printing process includes:-

● Letterpress:
Also known as​ Relief Printing​, Letterpress printing is a commercial form of printing, in which multiple copies of a particular image are produced on paper or sheets placed on a slightly raised surface, with a direct impression of ink on them. Letterpress was the oldest method of printing introduced by Gutenberg and was the only kind for a long period of time.

Commonly Used For ​ – Monochromatic Text Prints in newspapers, magazines, etc.

● Offset Printing:-
The most commonly used printing method is Offset Lithography. In this method, aluminum plates are used, that holds images that has to be printed. In this method, prints are created using plates assigned for each color as per the requirement. There are two kinds of offset printing called ​Sheetfed ​ ​and ​Web ​. ​In Sheetfed process individual sheets are fed into the printer, and in Web, process prints are done using large rolls and can produce large quantities of printed materials.

Commonly Used For ​ – Newspapers, Books, Clothes, Magazines, etc.

● Screen Printing:-
Also known as ​Silkscreen Printing​, a net is used to transfer images or prints to another material in this method. ​Here the net is stretched out so it creates a flat display and ink is pressed against it in order to print the image successfully.​ Usually, bright colors with less than 12μm ink thickness are used in this method. This technique can be very cost-effective when done for bulk orders.

Commonly Used For ​ – T-shirts, Logos, Banners, Posters, etc.

● Gravure Printing:-
In Gravure printing,​ ​a printing cylinder with small depressions is being used to print the images. These depressions are filled with ink and a rubber roller presses the sheets or paper against the cylinder and ink from the cells/depressions comes in contact with the paper. Gravure Printing is a high-quality process and hence used for long-term purposes.

Commonly Used For​ Mail-order Catalogues, Fabric Prints, Packaging, etc.

● Inkjet Printing:-
When we speak of printing the exact same image we see in the computer on a paper, Inkjet printing comes to the rescue. Because of its advanced features, inkjet printing is one of the most used methods of printing.

There are two kinds of technologies in used inkjet printers:

Continuous (CIJ)- ​ As the name, suggests in this method there is a continuous flow of ink out of the nozzle of the ink gun. This is commonly used to mark and code packages and items.

Drop-on-demand (DOD)- ​ In this type drops are ejected from the print head only when required. A pressure is created within the print head to create the pulse.

● Laserjet Printing:-
Laser Printing is another boon to the printing process. It uses the electrostatic digital printing process to print high-quality graphics or images and texts. In this process, the ​laser beam​ works as the hero.
The laser beam passes to and fro over a drum which is negatively charged to create different images. The drum then collects the toner( in simple words, means electrically charged ink) and transfers/prints the subject into paper/sheets.

Commonly Used For ​ – Xerox, photocopies.

There are many printing methods we can use for our projects. In case of doubt about which method to choose, the local printing company will always be there for help. They would suggest the method basing on our requirements. So from next time lets be smart and choose the best.

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