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How to save on a print project?

1.       Find a print solutions company which focuses on efficiency and does in-house or have right partnerships 2.       Paper is almost 30% of the print project, so check with printer the available in-house papers so it is quick and cheap, especially for small quantity projects.…
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Best ways to meet a tight print project deadline

·         Choose right reliable strategic print solutions company that is reputed for their quality, service, dependability and price ·         Begin with an end in mind – visualize the final product from end to begin ·         Order paper ahead if special paper is required ·         Work…
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What do you look for in a print solutions provider?

There are many online and offline print companies around Boston and you may be wondering which one to choose. Sometimes you may be looking at the attractive price they offer or sometimes may be for their reputation for quality because you have dealt with them…
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